League of Legends : Stick Figure Spotlight!

2012-07-01 08:08:06 by Hyun1990

Hey guys my latest animation is now up on Newgrounds now with a taste of League of Legends! I had to do a LoL stick anim once I started getting addicted to that game and it's gone pretty viral since first release on youtube. Watch it here

With getting over 3.5 Million views and featured on Summoner's Showcase, Kotaku, etc. I've been working on another League animation over the past few months and it's nearing completion. It's going to be around twice as long as Stick Figure Spotlight and twice as epic! Stay tuned guys and thanks for all the support.

If you want to know more about League of Legends, you can play for free here

League of Legends : Stick Figure Spotlight!


2010-10-11 03:16:21 by Hyun1990

Thanks for stopping by my channel!

Visit Fluidanims for more great stick figure anims.
Visit my Youtube for more of my anims.

Lots of great anims coming up soon. Get ready.


2010-01-23 23:33:18 by Hyun1990

My very first youtube post "trash" has finally made it to newgrounds! It's funny cus for the 2 years it has been posted on youtube, the newgrounds version got more views in just 2 days. Anywho enjoy and ill have some more steek anims out soon.

Yoyo begins his first battle!

2009-05-08 13:54:40 by Hyun1990

Well my second big project is finally out "Yoyo vs FLLFFL"

At first when I started flash about a year ago, Terkoiz is who inspired me to start animating stick figures and now, to actually get to battle him was hard to believe! So I gave this one animation my all, pulling out everything I have learned so far to make this battle my best yet.

Sadly Terkoiz has quit animating sticks until further notice so... we'll all miss you Terkoiz! Thank you for everything :D

ah whats this?

2008-10-29 16:13:13 by Hyun1990

News? aaaaah.... Well I just finished my first big project "Drunken Stick" and it seemed to be a really big hit! Thanks everyone who commented! You're all cool people, reeeeally...

Well right now I'm taking a small break from flash to catch up on some work and college (totally threw away my school to finish Drunken Stick, LOL) so you won't be seeing any new posts from me any time soon. :(

BUT! That doesn't mean I died so don't cry too much lol. Thanks for the welcome newgrounds and I hope I'll be able to entertain you guys/gals for a long time!