Entry #5

League of Legends : Stick Figure Spotlight!

2012-07-01 08:08:06 by Hyun1990

Hey guys my latest animation is now up on Newgrounds now with a taste of League of Legends! I had to do a LoL stick anim once I started getting addicted to that game and it's gone pretty viral since first release on youtube. Watch it here

With getting over 3.5 Million views and featured on Summoner's Showcase, Kotaku, etc. I've been working on another League animation over the past few months and it's nearing completion. It's going to be around twice as long as Stick Figure Spotlight and twice as epic! Stay tuned guys and thanks for all the support.

If you want to know more about League of Legends, you can play for free here

League of Legends : Stick Figure Spotlight!


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2012-07-01 08:40:49

That's cool.


2012-07-01 13:42:20

wow epic btw nice "Runes" u should add (.)Y(.)


2012-07-01 15:14:45

Sweet! I can't believe I never saw the first one before! That was awesome :)


2012-07-01 18:26:34

Haha, I see the boobs! lol


2012-07-01 22:45:33

I see 3 pairs of boobs :D


2012-07-02 00:14:52

Was wondering wen you were gonna upload this one. It's cooler wen you saw the making of it on Yo livestream :3


2012-07-02 09:05:47

SO looking forward to the next anim! if there's 2 things i love, it's your vids...and league of legends. As they say in demacia...um...uh...

DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 1111


2012-07-02 21:48:43

Wait, this was up on your youtube channel months ago, how come it tok so long to re upload the same stuff on newgrounds???


2012-07-06 17:29:46

That was pretty badass! However, I would like to see something from you with fully-drawn characters in the future.


2012-07-23 08:37:46

Is it gonna be uploaded with a delay on newgrounds? Like the one before...


2013-03-03 04:43:12

hyun, where'd ya go, buddy? I miss you....


2013-04-24 20:27:26

I love dat video!


2014-04-04 04:25:24

anybody see the dick? good hiding!